Support Dogs

Looking for an emotional support dog?  We hope that we can help. But there are certain requirements we have put in place to help ensure that if you need a dog for a specific job, they are able to fulfill what you need while proving to be an exceptional breed ambassador at home and in public.  Below is a list of our specific guidelines when adopting a support dog. We take the jobs of service dogs very seriously and will work to ensure the responsible ownership and utilization of support dogs.

-Not all dogs are good candidates for support dogs, AABR will guide applicants to the appropriate dog, and reserves the right to deny any dog as a support dog

-Approved adopters are required to enroll in specific training courses with AABR approved trainers.  Dog must be enrolled within 1 month of adoption. Class completion of initial course needs to be done within 6 months with the understanding that training is a life-long/ongoing process

-Adopters agree to sign an additional training contract for support dogs

-If applicants are renters they must provide doctor’s note and clearance from landlord to have a support dog

-Adopters agree to a post-training follow up visit to verify training implementation

For the most part your adoption process will be the same as any applicant, but with a few added steps.  Should you move forward in the adoption process, your coordinator will thoroughly cover the above list of items as well as specifics for you.  Because we pull a wide variety of dogs, at any given time we may not have a suitable dog for your needs, so understand that finding a good fit for support dogs may be a longer process.  


Thank you for taking the time to look at our awesome dogs.  Please email us with any questions you may have.