Breed Specific Legislation

You will often hear us refer to BSL.  What the heck is that you might ask.  Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a law that prohibits or restricts a particular breed or a few breeds deemed “vicious” rather than holding all dog owners and their dogs to equal and consistent standards. 

Breed Specific Laws may ban a breed(s) outright or place restrictions on them.  Restrictions vary; some require muzzles when in public, liability insurance, a certain fence height, a certain way to contain the dog when the owner is not home and so on.  Such laws often apply to mixed breeds that have the same characteristics similar to the “restricted” breed.  Please check your local legislation to see what applies to you and your dog(s).   For the most up-to-date alerts on BSL, please visit  OR

Locally we have done some research on “Pit Bull” type dogs to see what the legislation is in the Greater Cincinnati area.

**We will not adopt dogs to the following cities/counties with bans**


The City of Cincinnati is officially ‘Pit Bull Friendly’ after lifting the ban in May 2012.

The City of Fairfield (zip codes: 45014 & 45018) Banned

Carlisle                          Restricted

City of Cheviot           Restricted

Evendale                      Restricted

Golf Manor                 Banned

City of Hamilton      Restricted

Lockland                      Restricted

Reading                        Restricted

Springdale                  Restricted

Lincoln Heights        Banned

Elmwood Place         Banned

Amberley Village     Banned



*Due to the strict muzzle law restrictions in Covington (KY), we will not adopt to this area at this time.

Alexandria                              Banned

Bracken County                   Banned

Butler                                      Banned         

City of Walton                      Banned

Covington                               Restricted

Crescent Springs                 Restricted

Dayton (KY)                          Banned

Elsemere                                Banned

Erlanger                                  Restricted

Falmouth                                Banned

Ft. Thomas                             Banned

Lakeside Park                      Being Considered

Latonia                                    Restricted

Ludlow                                    Banned

Maysville                                Restricted

Newport                                  Restricted

Pendleton County              Restricted

Silver Grove                          Restricted

Southgate                               Banned

Villa Hills                               Unknown

Walton                                     Banned

Williamstown                       Banned