• Our litter isn’t doing well…

    We are just getting home from the emergency vet and have some news to share. Vixen and her puppies need some positive prayers and/or energy sent their way. They have all been at the vet the majority of tonight. Blitzen (the runt) is not doing well. She has very low blood sugar (even though she has been eating) and a temperature that is so low it won’t even register on the thermometer!! She is in intensive care and the expectation from the vet is she will likely have to stay a couple of days. Right now she has a 50/50 chance of survival. Vixen and the rest of the puppies were treated with fluids and medicine then sent home with medicine. Our hope is they will be feeling better soon! Our bill is estimated to be $1700, so any help or donations would help us help these sweet babies. The condition Vixen and her babies were found in was horrible. They were living on a porch full of feces, outside with no food or shelter. If your unable to donate either financially or with your time please take a mental note and if the opportunity arises educate someone on the importance of spaying and neutering. If you see dogs living in unfit conditions report it to the proper authorities. Dogs deserve better and we are here to give them better. Our hope is the more people that are out there spreading our message, the less cruelty cases there will be for us to help!

    We have started a ChipIn if you have a dollar to spare: http://adoreabullrescue.chipin.com/vixenandherpuppies

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