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    We are excited to offer a t-shirt that will benefit both Adore-A-Bull Rescue as well as an individual, Marie, who is currently battling breast cancer for the third time.

    Please consider purchasing a t-shirt and/or making a donation directly to Marie via her personal page.  

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    Marie E. is 45 years old and has been married to her husband Larry for many years.  She is a mother to two beautiful girls and a grandmother to an amazing little boy named Carter. Along with her biological kids she has an adopted daughter and has also been a Foster mom to many children over the past seven years. Her family is her pride and joy and the one thing she lives for. Unfortunately Marie is currently fighting for her life from Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

    Marie’s first battle with breast cancer started in November 2011, when she found a lump in her left breast. She went into the doctor and had an ultra sound, mammogram and a biopsy all in the same day. Three days later the doctors called to confirm it was cancer. Marie had two lumpectomy surgeries along with 34 radiation treatments. After her surgeries and treatment the doctors cleared her only to find out they were wrong.

    Marie’s second battle began in February of 2012 when she found a lump herself and went into the doctors requesting to be checked. The doctor confirmed this with an ultra sound and biopsy and suggested a double mastectomy. On March 6th of 2012 she had the surgery. After the surgery she received a call saying they had not cleared all the cancer and did another procedure and another round of chemo before she was cleared.

    Unfortunately in September of 2013 Marie’s cancer returned. She noticed a lump on the left side her chest. Marie asked her doctor to biopsy the lump 3 times, but the doctor assured her it was nothing and never biopsied the lump. In January of 2014 she went into the cancer center here in Kentucky where they did an ultra sound and they told her the now multiple lumps were nothing more than fat deposits. At that point, two separate doctors decided it was staph infection, and treated her for a staph infection. In May she went to her yearly checkup at her dermatologist and he was shocked when she showed him her chest. The dermatologists biopsied the lumps and three days later it came back as Adeno Carcinoma with Metastatic Beast Carcinoma. After speaking with her oncologist they said there was nothing more they could do for her and was told to enjoy what life she had left

    Marie however has not lost hope and is holding onto her faith and family. She was contacted by The Cancer Center of America who has given her even more hope to not give up. After a week at their location they have informed Marie that they are confident they have a cure! She will have to fly out to their location in Chicago for seven weeks and receive two separate types of treatment either twice daily or two times a week. She will have to pay for her plane, hotel and food accommodations. Unfortunately her husband cannot make the trip with her due to the need to work to continue paying for medical bills. In the middle of her treatment, her oldest daughter is getting married so she will be able to attend the wedding as long as she can raise the funds to fly home and then back to Chicago.
    Despite all of Marie’s current struggles, she continues to stay positive and do nothing but smile. She is a very giving and loving lady who deserves nothing more than for these treatments to work. With hope, prayer and the help from the Doctors we believe she has a fighting chance.



    **We will accept pre-orders until October 7th at 12:00 PM (EST).  We will also have shirts for sale at our adoption events**

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