• Max

    **Warning – graphic photos in this album**
    We wanted to give you a sneaky peak under the tent that we call rescue. Most of the photos you see us post are dogs who are available or have been adopted. We rarely show the dogs we are currently caring for who are not considered available, or what we call quarantine. We did want to share with you all MAXIMILLIAN’S story. These photos are graphic, but we feel need to be shared, for many reasons. A lot of folks think that if they charge a rehoming fee or an expensive adoption fee that it ensures the animals are going to a great home. NOT TRUE. MAX is a pure bred Bull Terrier that had been purchased for $2,000. He was left outside and ignored for 4 years. No medical care, no love.
    On December 21st we were notified of a Bull Terrier who was brought in to be euthanized because his owners didn’t want to deal with him. We were sent horrific, gut wrenching pictures of a neglected and very sick boy. Mind you, this was the week before Christmas. We reached out to one of our amazing fosters who home for winter break, and who, of course, said she would care for him. She picked him up from the vet on December 23rd, he came with 5 medications. His eyes, ears, and feet were terribly infected. His condition was horrifying. He spent 2 weeks in a crate, while his foster mom treated his infections and he rested.
    His foster mom shares:
    “He is THE MOST loving dog. In fact, I can’t believe the positive attitude he has. Although not a huge fan of wrestling, probably painful, he loves stuffed animals and peanut butter filled bones. l have seen no issue with being possessive over food, he waits for his turn at treat time. He stands in a tub for foot soaks, he takes his pills with no treats, and sits still for eye drops and ear drops. He is so excited to sit on the couch with me and cuddle, he won’t move for hours. He follows the boys around, wants to be hugged all the time. He is learning to sit and shake for treats and to go to “bed” when he is told.”
    Today, January 20th his eyes are healing, although he will be on eye drops for dry eye the rest of his life, his ears have cleared up and he is done with ear drops (yay!). His feet are a different story, they are improving, but still very infected and uncomfortable. He will be on antibiotics for the foreseeable future, and needs Epsom salt soaks several times a week. We were hopeful that he would be making larger strides to getting better, but he is going to require treatment for a long time.
    We could not do it without foster parents who are immensely committed to our dogs. These stories, although gut wrenching, are a very real reality for too many. We are always accepting donations towards MAX’s care and always welcome prayers!
    *Please do not inquire on when he will be available as he has a long road ahead. We are very sure that whoever adopts Max will have to commit to some special health needs he might have for the rest of his life (i.e. eye drops).




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