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Adore-A-Bull Rescue is non-profit corporation, which has 501(c)(3) taxable contribution status with the IRS. We do not receive any government funding, nor do we have a paid professional fundraiser or paid administrative staff. Our organization consists solely of volunteers. Our support comes directly from you and goes directly towards the feeding, medical care, spaying/neutering of the dogs in our care.  There are many ways you can help: monetary donation, other donations (supplies, medicine, etc), volunteering, fostering, and even adopting!


Monetary Donation

100% of your donation is tax deductible and will go towards helping us fulfill our mission: to find loving homes for our bullies as well as to improve public perception, and support responsible ownership of pit bull dogs through education, advocacy, and rescue.

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Adore-A-Bull provides all supplies, food, and vetting for all fosters.  All we ask of our foster homes is to provide a warm, loving home for them, work on basic obedience, and get them to vet appointments & adoption events.  We realize you can’t make every appointment or event, so we will arrange transport if you can’t make it.

**Before you fill out an application, please check into your local BSL laws.  We have collected some here.  Unfortunately we cannot place a pit bull type dog in a home with BSL, even if it’s temporary. **

1.  We need the applicant to fill out an foster application, click: Foster-Application.Updated

2. Once you complete the application, please email it to:

3. We will call you to talk to you about your application, your current pets (if you have any), get an idea on what type of foster you would be open to (puppy, adult, senior,  special needs, Mother with puppies, etc)  and answer any questions you may have about what fostering entails.  Please give us some time to get back to you, we are all volunteers with full time jobs.

4. If you have other animals (cats/dogs), it is our policy that they must be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and current on Flea/heartworm prevention.  We will ask for your veterinarian’s contact information to do a reference check. 

*We do ask that you get your animals vaccinated for Bordatella every SIX months to fully protect your animals.  Most vets do a one year.**

5.  If you are a renter, we must have expressed permission from your landlord to allow a bully breed dog in your home. If you live in an HOA, you must provide the bylaws for the community or we must receive expressed permission to allow bully breed dogs into your community.

6. Once the above steps are complete, we do a home visit – this visit’s purpose is solely to verify what is on your application, look for hazards for puppies (we help puppy proof) or for the new dog, and get an idea of the environment the dog would be placed in.  If you have other pets, we would like to meet them as well.  We want to get to know their temperament, so we can find the right foster for your family. 

7.  Once you are approved, we would move forward with finding you a foster – THANK YOU!


Foster Expectations:

We get a lot of questions on what we expect of our fosters.  It’s very simple!  We only ask that our fosters give our pups a warm loving home with lots of love, and that you bring the dog to our adoption events on Saturdays.  They go from 11-4.  We are all over the greater Cincinnati area.  If you can’t be at every event, no worries – we will try to arrange transportation.  We will provide food, crate and items they need as well as pay for any vet costs necessary.

How long? The next question is usually how long do you need to foster?  Unfortunately that really depends.  We ask that you stay committed to keeping the dog/puppy until he/she is adopted.  That could be one week or one year.  We have found that the fosters who work with their pups in their training go the fastest.

We can’t stress enough that we really, truly appreciate all of our adopters, fosters, and volunteers.  We know the policies above might seem strict, but we have tweaked our process due to experience.  Thank you!


Kroger Plus Card

Kroger is gracious enough to allot a certain percentage of your purchase to be donated to a 501(c)(3) organization (like us!). This will in NO way cost you anything extra and NO did does not mess with your fuel points! It’s a super easy way to donate to your favorite charity!

You need to re-register your Kroger Plus card every year in April.

If you want to register your Kroger Plus card to donate to Adore-A-Bull Rescue – Organization # 84104

Visit and scroll down to Ohio (Cincinnati, Dayton) Indiana, Kentucky. Click on the enroll now button.

If you have not created an online account for your Rewards card, you will first need to do so. If you do have an online account, just sign in.

Our organization number is 84104.


Amazon Smile

Amazon generously offers what’s called Amazon Smile, where you select a charity to receive 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items, this gets donated to us at NO cost or penalty to you and yes if you’re a prime member you still get your Prime Shipping!

If you are interested, please go to:  and shop from that link all year long! It’s THAT simple! PLEASE share with your friends and family members. This is such an easy way to help out without really doing anything!
REMEMBER you have to go to each time you shop for it to count – so just bookmark it to make it easy.


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Donate Supplies through Amazon

Amazon offers a wonderful option where you can go and select items on our wish list:

Those items will be directly shipped to our pups!