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If you are contacting us to inquire about surrendering a dog, please know that we do not take owner surrenders and at this time we can only take dogs from local shelters.  We wish we could help every dog, but it’s just not possible with our limited resources.  We are a foster based organization who focuses on pulling dogs from high kill shelters.

If you found a stray dog, please take it to the nearest shelter to be scanned for a microchip.  If there is no microchip, we cannot take a stray dog until the stray hold is up.  You will need to let the shelter keep him/her so they can try to find the owners.  Only after the stray hold is up can we consider evaluating the dog.

Our evaluation: All dogs must pass a temperament test to be taken into our rescue.  We are testing for how the dog does with people and other dogs in different scenarios (food, toys, play, etc).

Please email us the tag # and shelter the dog is in.  If we have an open and willing foster, we will contact the shelter.  We understand that there are deadlines and most pleas are urgent, but we keep our foster homes full, so we don’t always have open and waiting foster homes to react to short deadlines.

If you are contacting us about a stray dog in your area, please call your local dog warden, we do not remove dogs from properties, as it’s not legal for us to do so. 


Mailing address: PO BOX 11158, Cincinnati, OH 45211

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